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NETELLERがVIPの手数料を優遇へ ( 2008年03月29日 )


  • VIPは4月1日から為替手数料が1.75% (一般会員は2.50%)
  • VIPは出金手数料が無料に
  • いずれも一度はフルに一般会員と同様に支払うが、毎月月末に締めて翌月10日に為替手数料の差額分と出金手数料をキャッシュバック


NETELLER を使ってお気に入りのサイトに大きな額を送金すると、NETELLER VIP 会員に招待されます。


Life as a NETELLER VIP is about to get better with more exclusive benefits rolling out on April 1.
NETELLER is reducing deposit fees and increasing withdrawal and foreign exchange rate fees effective April 1. But for you, our most valuable members, we’re also reducing the foreign exchange rate to 1.75%! And that’s not all – you won’t pay to withdraw your funds from your NETELLER account.
How are we going to do this for you? Cash back!
During the regular course of your transactions, you will need to pay our full withdrawal and foreign exchange fees. But at the end of each month, we will automatically add up all of the fees you paid and rebate you on the 10th of the following month as follows:
Withdrawal fees: 100% rebate
Foreign exchange: a rebate for the difference between our normal rate of 2.5% and your reduced rate of 1.75%
Sit back, relax, and watch the money come back into your account. To learn more about the VIP Cash Back Program, visit the VIP Lounge.
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