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オンラインルーレットで3億円 「23」で勝利 ( 2008年05月30日 )

クリプトロジック系のウィリアムヒルカジノで、英国サセックスのJason Hというプレイヤーが約143万ポンドを獲得したそうです。日本円で約3億万円になります。

Play at William Hill Casino this weekend and you could hit a lucky streak. Jason H, from Sussex won an amazing £1.4 Million on VIP Roulette when his favourite number 23 came up several times, in a whirlwind 30 minutes of play – absolutely incredible.

William Hill are today writing out a cheque for £1,426,000 to a Sussex based internet client who hit a winning streak online at williamhillcasino.com when his lucky number, twenty-three came up trumps for him whilst playing roulette.
Wishing to only be Known as Jason H, from Sussex, the 40 yr old local businessman is a regular player with Hills and hit a lucky run with his favourite number ’23’.
Starting off with his usual bets, Jason built up his balance after a good run until his luck REALLY kicked in!
Caught up in the moment he wagered his entire balance around his lucky number and then watched in amazement as it came in for him, netting a cool six-figure amount.
Not content to stop there he followed the same tactics to see 23 drop again and again, boosting his payout to a total of £1,426,000!
At this point, Jason H didn’t believe his luck and called Hills to check that his computer wasn’t playing up and confirm his win was real.

ゲームはVIP Roulette(VIPルーレット)で、プログレッシブゲームではありません。プログレッシブ以外で億単位の勝ちをおさめたというのはオンラインでは珍しいでしょう。
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