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ミリオネアズクラブ インターカジノの声明 ( 2007年05月17日 )

5月15日に出た5,898,352ユーロ(163円換算で約9億6,100万円)のミリオネアズクラブスロット(Millionaires Club Slot)のジャックポットについて、インターカジノが以下のような発表をしています。

Our world famous ‘Millionaires Club Slot’ has done it again and this time in record breaking style!
InterCasino player Obaesso was crowned our latest multi millionaire after he landed the world’s biggest ever online casino jackpot on Tuesday 15th May 2007. We spoke to him late last night and he was understandably still in shock but ecstatic about winning over $8million!
Obaesso is a factory worker and along with his wife decided to play Millionaires Club for the first time yesterday. At first he did not believe he had reached the jackpot so he phoned us to get confirmation. When we gave him the news he jumped for joy and couldn’t believe his luck! Obaesso has never travelled more than 50km from his home town but is now currently planning his trip to London to receive his huge check!Congratulations to both him and his family!

どんなコインサイズでプレイしていたのでしょうか。初めてということですから、maxbet 0.90ユーロで遊んでいたのではないかという気もします。


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