NETELLER PLC Update on US position (pdfファイル)

NETELLER, a company registered outside the US, will comply with the Act and its
related regulations as if it were subject to the Act’s jurisdiction. This action is
intended to ensure that the Company is able to continue to operate with the support of
its principal commercial partners and to protect its shareholders, business partners,
employees and reputation.

ということで、NETELLERはアメリカの企業ではないが、アメリカのインターネットギャンブル禁止法案(Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006)に従うことにしたと書いてあります。

In the interim, US-resident customers are able to use the NETELLER service as
normal. The funds of US-resident customers are held in trust accounts and will be
available for withdrawal, on demand. The ability to withdraw funds will exist
regardless of the customer’s location or ability to transfer to any site.
NETELLER customers not resident in the US are not affected at all by the legislative
changes in the US, and the Company will continue to operate its non-US business as
normal, maintaining existing customer and merchant support across all the other
markets it currently serves.

「In the interim」という表現があるので、アメリカから撤退する方向にほぼ傾いているのだなという気がします。

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