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カジノアクションがCasino Rewards入りで再開へ ( 2008年03月20日 )

経営破綻したTusk社が運営していたカジノアクショングループの六つのオンラインカジノが、Casino Rewardsグループ入りすることが発表されました。
カジノアクションの6つのカジノ(ゴールデンリーフ、UKカジノクラブ、ノスタルジア、アイビッグ、ミュージックホール、チャレンジ)は、現在営業を停止していますが、3月25日にCasino Rewards(カジノリワーズ)のもとで再開するということです。
なお、カジノアクションのポーカーについてはCasino Rewardsは一切関知しないということです。
この吸収により、Casino Rewardsは18ものオンラインカジノを抱える大所帯になりました。ちなみにオンラインカジノファンでは諸々の理由により同グループのカジノは推奨していません。
以下はCasino Rewardsによる発表文です。

Casino Rewards Adds 6 Casinos to its Network
Award winning online casino group CasinoRewards.com extends its family, taking new online casinos under its wing to become the white knights of the online gaming world.
All online casinos operating under the Casino Action group: Golden Reef, UK Casino Club, Nostalgia, iBig, Music Hall and Challenge, will soon be under the Casino Rewards management, and ready for a grand reopening on 25 March 2008.
All player accounts in the aforementioned casinos will be safely transferred to the Casino Rewards network, with all account balances, withdrawals, and bonus credits available for immediate use.
“We are happy to welcome the new casinos into our network. We are working around the clock to integrate all of the casinos so the players have the best experience possible. Every cent of their account balances and bonus money will be accounted for and migrated over. They will be able to log in to the casinos just as they had previously and can play safe in the knowledge that the CasinoRewards logo will be on these casinos ensuring the security, reliability, and professionalism for which we are known.” (Spokesperson for Casino Rewards.)
The Casino Rewards team is working around the clock to finalize the migration. Unfortunately the online casinos will be closed while the migration takes place but will be reopened on 25 March. All players will receive a notification when they are able to play again.
The Casino Rewards group with its 12 exciting and luxurious online casinos, including GoldenTigercasino.com, CasinoClassic.com, CaptainCooksCasino.com, BlackJackBallroom.com and CasinoKingdom.com, continues to make online gambling more accessible to new players with its frequent promotions and signature bonus offers –
new players have the chance to use $500 of the casino’s money to play any of the 260+ Las Vegas style online games absolutely free for one hour.

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