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パーティーゲーミングが身売りを検討? ( 2007年10月11日 )

PartyGaming open to approaches from Las Vegas-based casinos, CEO says (FT.com)

PartyGaming, the UK-listed online poker firm, is open to approaches from Las Vegas-based casinos regarding a sale, said its chief executive officer Mitch Garber.
Speaking in a one-to-one interview at EIG 2007 i-Gaming conference, Garber said the Gibraltar-based group with a market cap of GBP 1.23bn (USD 2.5bn) would like to hear from the major players in Las Vegas. Garber refused to comment as to whether the company was already in talks with a particular casino and remained tight-lipped as to potential main suitors.

具体的にどこのカジノと交渉をしているのかは明らかにしていませんが、ミラージュ(The Mirage)やベラージオ(The Bellagio)が興味を示したことは認めているようです。
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